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Option 1: Get Here

If you want to compromise with price and want good quality sound in-ear type earphones, use – These Earphones.

You can get this in a lightning deal as low as INR 349, so keep checking. It provides a good built quality, made of plastic and wire quality is very good it is very thick and can easily last for a year and more. It has built-in mic which makes calling on the go. Best thing this earphone having 1 year of replacement warranty. Check more details by clicking the link above.

Option 2: Get Here

If you are ready to spent more and want more good quality sound in the in-ear earphones type segment, These Earphones are the best fit.

You can buy these earphones at a price of INR 1499. Made out of metal, it has 10mm drivers which provides terrific sound performance. It also has tangle free wire so you can drive more time in listening music than to solve wire puzzles. It provides 1 year replacement policy. Check more details by clicking the link above.

Option 3: Get Here

If you are looking for wireless in ear type earphones, These Earphones will definitely become your favorite choice.

This product has labelled price of INR 3299, but you can surely get at a lower price under INR 2000 most of the time. It has super thumping bass which would drive you into superior music experience. It also has tangle free flat cable. Being sweat resistant, you can enjoy your workout and not to worry about the earplugs. Ant Audio provides 1 year warranty too. Check more details by clicking the link above.